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Year 12 Day 293 8:25
So my character died and no I have no idea how to make a new character. Do I wait? I also submitted a new Handle and it accepted it.

Year 12 Day 293 9:16
There should be a clock ticking down in the right hand menu that tells you when you can create your new character. Normally, the waiting period is three weeks.

Year 12 Day 295 15:29
Jacera Mone

sweet I got one week three days and i'm back ! one more qeustion how much money you start with.

Edited By: Jacera Mone on Year 12 Day 295 15:32
Year 12 Day 295 15:39
Something around 65k credits or so.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 295 18:31
Somewhere between 50-100k I believe.


Year 12 Day 296 16:43
Jacera Mone

k thanks guys 2 days I think i'll be a correlian this time.

Year 12 Day 296 20:02
You're not supposed to tell anyone. This is called OOC/IC separation.


Year 12 Day 296 20:32
It doesn't really matter.


Year 12 Day 297 14:11
Jacera Mone

ahh well mistakes happen, as long as i'm not sharing my address and email along with my handle and password. So there is hundreds of correlians question is which one is me

Year 12 Day 297 14:25
The one that still smells like wet canine? (just kidding :P)