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Year 12 Day 294 5:49
Chancy Mandu

Im having some problems while trying to repair a ship.

I am pilot of the ship as well as pilot of the SY (and the SY is big enough to repair the ship) I have enough RMs required to repair the ship.

I have spaceship repairmen in my party. I also have workers on the SY (it says workers required but im not sure if its actually worker npcs that are needed)

The problem is when im on the repair sceen the npcs available to work is always 0.
I have tried assigning them to the owner of the ship yard, as well as assigning them to the ship building faction the SY is assigned to. but still no joy having any npcs available.

What am i missing?

I have read through the rules page, but it doesnt cover anything about the npcs.

Year 12 Day 294 5:53
Has repairing been activated yet?

Year 12 Day 294 5:57
Chancy Mandu

/me shrugs

though it was.

sorry for the double post. I have the npc problem sloved.

getting this error now tho.
An error occured: Argument 1 passed to MaterialRequirements::load() must be an instance of EntityType, instance of stdClass given, called in /swcombine/http/main/libs/server21/entities/materials/MaterialUtilClass.inc on line 637 and defined at /swcombine/http/main/libs/server21/entities/materials/MaterialRequirementsClass.inc:53

Year 12 Day 294 6:28
Chancy Mandu

sorry, see the bug in the bug base. should have looked there first.

please close.