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Archives » Problem with changing title
Year 12 Day 296 18:19
I was trying to change the title of a gambling hut topic and it worked fine if you are in the topic on the first post. But it won't show on the Gambling Hut forum or when someone posts.

Year 12 Day 296 19:33
Are you editing the first post, or just the title when you make a reply? If you just do it in the reply, it won't change the topic title, just the title for that post.


Year 12 Day 296 20:04
Actually I am having this problem too. I usually change the title of my first post to reflect any changes in sales, wtb, etc., then I edit within the body of the post, or add an additional reply. This used to change what someone would see from the commerce forum when they came across my thread. I was able to to this up until yesterday. Now no matter what i change the original Title to... when you look at my thread from the commerce forum the initial topic title wont change.



When you're underground.. you can't be found....
Year 12 Day 296 20:29
Sounds like a bug then that needs reporting.


Year 12 Day 297 12:58
I am trying to change the title on the first post.

Year 12 Day 297 13:01
I believe that this has been reported to the bug base now...

Year 12 Day 298 4:09
Eshini`el Sandhawk

That's a bug. I reported it yesterday.