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Archives » Connection to IRC seems impossible
Hjrool Ohr


It seems i have an issue to connect to SWCombine IRc server(s).
Tried and
And it seems it neither work son Xchat or the web client on the website.
And i don't think it has to do with firewall or whatsoever since i could log into other IRC servers (quakenet, freenode ...).

Error message from xchat:
* Recherche de
* Connexion à ( port 6667...
* Connecté. Identification en cours...
* *** You are not allowed on this network.
* Closing link: (unknown@ [G-Lined: [#43] Siarica]
* Déconnecté (Remote host closed socket).



Sia there.

* Closing link: (unknown@ [G-Lined: [#43] Siarica]

You have the same IP as I have, at least for IRC. You are more than likely using a proxy, or having the same ISP or something like that. Since you're french, perhaps we live only a couple of kilometers away!

If you want to get to IRC, you should consider using one with a built-in proxy. Type "Portalzona GGI IRC" in google, this is a browser-based IRC client who changes your IP, allowing you to browse IRC normally despite the fact that I've been G-Lined.

Hjrool Ohr

Actually the ISP distribute random IP at each connection with the box, which means that the ban isn't on those dynamic IP but more on the ADSL distribution box for the region (which might be the same we share).

So i would suggest another way to ban users.

Edited By: Hjrool Ohr on Year 12 Day 302 5:18
Hjrool Ohr

After some search to understand the process i finally took the solution, which i don't really like, to use some random free proxy allowing to go over IRC port.

I suppose this case closed somehow.

Hjrool Ohr.