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Year 12 Day 308 15:51
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

I have a few items marked as npc owned. Is there anyway to get ownership of said items?

Year 12 Day 308 16:16
If you mean the eggs, still no idea what is going to happen with those, if you meant something else, no idea

Year 12 Day 308 17:54
Possibly. Generally NPC owned items are those waiting to go onto the NPC market. You may be able to catch them when they go up, or you could just DM the owner once someone has bought them.


Year 12 Day 308 19:21
Derrik Thynite

I remember seeing a trunk in my previous life that was NPC owned, and it stayed like that for ages, and is possibly still like that today.


Year 12 Day 308 21:15
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Okay, ill hold onto them and see what happens.

Year 12 Day 309 11:24
For some reason there are a veritable ton of assets that are marked as NPC-owned and they are never on the NPC market. They just perpetually sit as NPC-owned. If they're just normal items, I would suggest picking them up and using them as normal.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 309 11:27
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Is there anyway I would be able to get ownership from you?

Year 12 Day 309 16:02
DM the ID numbers for the items you picked up.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 309 17:45
I don't think thats possible Arete - they don't show up on the items/party screens, and they don't get assigned to you as carrier when you pick them up (which I suppose is a bug and needs reporting). The best we can do is give you the room number for you to hunt down the items id.


Year 12 Day 309 18:27
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

I do not know of a way to get the item ID. But I can give you the escape pod they are in.

Entrance/Exit, Cockpit (#8590366)

Maybe there is a way to make over the entities if I am carrying them?

Year 12 Day 310 10:19
Check their ownership now. Yours?


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 12 Day 310 18:17
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

They are now in my ownership.

Thanks Arete.

Year 12 Day 318 1:40
Siarica Aylina

About this problem, I have a NPC who is NPC owned... Is there a way to recover said NPC?