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Archives » No new members joining for some time now?
Shotan Turok

What's going on why are we not gaining any new people into the game, it's really hurting faction recruitment. Can someone tell me what's going on if anyone knows?


? It's gone up about 100+ since the GGR

THe joined in the last 24 hours list does not show them because of the new join system - they don't have handles until they are accepted. I would guess until its been fixed to allow their character numebrs to show it will remain hidden.


Joruus Fell

Not having the "Joined in the last 24 hours" list available is putting a bit of a crimp in our recruiting efforts. I realize that most new players don't want to get spammed with 50 "come work for us" messages and if this is the way it's going to be then we'll have to adjust.

The proper way to go about this is to either file a support ticket or bugbase report stating the nature of the issue. Every time something big gets introduced into the game there is always the collateral damage that occurs on other features.

This is the case with the 24-hour join list. Don't ever presume that we will take a feature away from the game without giving everyone prior notification on the simnews.

Just relax, stop panicking, simmer down, and hang tight until it gets fixed.


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This bug has already been reported. Patience, Zhao has things to do before he goes to fix this:



Joruus Fell

The reply from Ellias didn't make it sound like a bug or I would have reported it.

Thanks for the clarification.

It was, for a few days after the change, showing empty bullet points for each new account, some of which got filled in with handles when they were accepted, but most of which just stayed blank and dropped off. So I would guess that Ellias is correct about it being deliberately disabled, but only until such time as it can be updated to work with the new system.


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Bonowhemm Oplo

Sup. Im new.