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Archives » Do lightsabers kill/ How do you use stun cuffs?
Here are 2 questions that i need answered


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Lightsabers currently function like every other weapon.

Stun cuffs are used as part of the Arrest/Execute feature.


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Your first question is somewhat ambiguous. No weapons can currently kill you, the player, as only player-v-creature combat is currently implemented. In that respect, lightsabers can be used to attack and kill creatures. They behave like any other weapon, albeit one that is difficult to obtain.

Stun cuffs are used to arrest other players or NPCs. You equip them to one of your hand slots and approach whoever you want to arrest. The rules and conditions regarding that process can be found here.

Asaaj Starwalk

I thought stun cuffs weren't needed for NPC arrests.

They aren't.


Well then how do you arrest a npc? the process doesn;t tell you anything except the requirements


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Derrik Thynite

Same as a PC, just need the ability to create your own arrest warrants seeing as how you can't have a warrant on them. Then just walk right up and hit arrest.


and how do i make arrest warrants?


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Try to arrest someone, if you have the privs to do it, you will be asked to create an on-the-spot warrant.

Okay someone tell me this step by step because lets say i have an npc in a room with me and i want to arrest him. Apparently i don;t need stun cuffs but i need to know how to arrest npcs?


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
click on the "NPC" button while in the room travel screen. If you have the power to arrest the NPC, the "arrest" button will show up. Otherwise, you do not have the privs necessary.

Whats the priv i need called?


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Kendall Holm

Arrest and Execute ...


Mingolo Mingolonio

The privileges you need to arrest NPCs are called:

Enforce Arrest Warrants
Issue Arrest Warrants

To execute them:

Enforce Death Warrants

You do not need the "Issue Death Warrant" privilege to execute, since you can execute without issuing one.

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