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Year 12 Day 315 10:06
Kain Eckert

Can you use groundhogs to prospect for Alazhi?
Or do you need to use a Alazhixazha to find a deposit?

Thanks for any info.

Year 12 Day 315 16:08
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

The groundhog should be able to do it.

Year 12 Day 317 11:47
actually you need to use Alazhixazha for alazhi i couldent find ANY on my planet then i went over when the Alazhixazha and was able to find it


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Year 12 Day 317 18:05
It is possible that something has changed in the coding since this thread, but it clearly states that others have found Alazhi with the other prospecting vehicles too.


Forum search is a handy tool for answering questions. ;)

Year 12 Day 317 22:27
From what I recall.

The groundhog and FK-7 can also find Alazhi,

But the Alazhixazha only finds Alazhi.

The way prospection works is within a range, if the number at the end of the prospection calcs is within the range of a certain material, then you get that material. The Alazhixazha narrows that range to Alazhi or Nothing.

Again, this is all speculation from experience... best asking the Devs who can actually see the code.


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