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Year 12 Day 316 18:45
Mark Smith

Do ships come in batch like items do

I know capital ships don't come in batch but do fighters and freighters do

And if so how much for come in a batch for the ships

Year 12 Day 316 19:04
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

All ships come in batches of 1. So they do not come out in batches like items.

Though, it is possible to run a factory/shipyard where you have multiple ships producing at once.

Year 12 Day 316 19:17
Items, droids, weapons run in batches, because otherwise it makes no sense to be using so many RMs for one item (or conversely, using fractional RM amounts). Ships and vehicles etc however are large enough that such steps do not need ot be taken, so each DC use is for 1 ship.

However, as Myrhrai said, you can setup factories/shipyards to build more than one ship at a time - however you would need more DC usages, plus adding more ships to build at one does increase the time for each additional use. Only really use for such 'batch' production is either if you feel that the DC usages will be yanked, or its for fighters and you cannot be bothered popping back every couple of days to start production up again etc.


Year 12 Day 316 19:20
Mark Smith

Is their a limit that a ship yard can produce a limited amount of ships at a time?

Year 12 Day 316 19:44
You are only limited to the amount of DC's you get for a SY.


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Year 12 Day 316 19:52
Mark Smith

That's all I need to know thank you all

Year 12 Day 316 23:10
Well, that and the amount of RMs you can stick inside said shipyard. Not sure if it can use mats from ships outside.


Year 12 Day 317 18:47
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

To expand on Ellias's last post.

You can build 100 ships at one time, if you can fit all the materials for the 100 ships in the shipyard. Also keep in mind if it takes 10 days to build one ship it will take 10 (days) x 100 (ships) to finish the entire order.

Though you can start production, and then queue up the other 99 ships so they finish one at a time. If you go that route though you can queue up the 99 ships without needing the materials at that exact time. When each ship finishes the shipyard will check to see if the materials are there to start the next one, and if there are then it will auto start building the ship. So you can bring in materials as you need them.

Year 12 Day 317 21:05
Mark Smith

Is their any thing else I should know about producing ships?

Year 12 Day 317 22:13
Shuji Shizuka

I believe, and I say this having only done it once before, that you have to have the worker npc's and the shipyard/factory assigned to a faction of the correct type(ie. ship production faction for ships)

Oh, and you need to use the right amount of npc's, they can be found on the production rules page.


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Year 12 Day 323 19:08
Mark Smith

Do you need workers to build ships or just builders?

Year 12 Day 323 19:23
You need workers - builders don't help you at all in making ships.


Year 12 Day 323 22:58
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

builders are used for constructing facilities and stations.