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Archives » moving of shipyards with ships under construction
Blot Hlidskjalf

good evening,

any ideas when it will be possible to move shipyards with ships under construction?

blot h

I'm still waiting on Dev Server production to be fixed, but I might talk to an ASim, and try something.



The help team has been approved to tell people that it is possible to do so.

Please confirm it is now safe to move shipyards with ships under construction in them?

The help team has been approved to tell people that it is possible to do so.

- Jevon

Blot Hlidskjalf

my factionleader moved a station yesterday ... the ship remained at the origin location while the yard was at the new position.
i will let him try today again and will post, if it still not work.

and yes, ship and yard are owned by the same faction.

Blot Hlidskjalf

confirmed: moving stations with ships under construction works.

Does it just move the station (causing an issue on final day when it does a check) or will it move the U/C with it now?

It will move the station and the ship that is u/c in the station. I confirmed with two different shipyards.

Alex Tylger

Just something I discovered when moving station and shipyards. It is fine, and ships will usually move with the stations. However, there were two incidents where it did not move as expected:

The shipyard's operator was in both cases someone who had temporarily joined the ship group to start production, then jumped back out. I received an automated DM with a notification of this in both cases when I moved the shipyard, and it seems the ship remained in its old location while the station itself moved. So you should doublecheck the yard operator before you move, possibly reassigning it to someone you are certain is in the group and has the necessary privs (like the leader.)

In any case, the ships appear to continue production despite being in a remote location.


Alex, I think you're correct about the ships continuing production, however, when the final checks are made I guess one of them is if the ship is still at the location of the shipyard. In that case there could be some problems.