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Year 12 Day 318 19:39
I have some far-off plan to acquire a capital ship. But it needs a lot of crew members. I considered hiring NPCs, but the overall cost for their salary per month is extraordinary.

Since custom NPCs don't need a salary it would be convenient to have them for crew instead. So my question is "Would it be possible to have Custom NPC inside a ship and count them as a part of the crew?".

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Year 12 Day 318 19:55
Kendall Holm

A crew of a ship is a given. It is like the population of a planet. They are there but you cant interact with them.


Year 12 Day 318 20:12
I see.
I am talking about Crew Requirement of course. I assume that I will need to supply the needed crew right?

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Year 12 Day 318 21:08
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Going off of what Kendall has said, the Crew Requirement will be filled by an "invisible" crew of npc's.

They are there (not sure if you can see them of not) but you can not fire them or hire more.

So essentially, no you will not need to provide your own. The server will do it for you.

Year 12 Day 318 22:42
And send you the bill

Year 12 Day 318 23:16
At the moment Crew Requirementis nothing you have to worry about. When it was initially added, the plan was for invisible NPCs to be picked up from planets/stations - it would just be a number that changed on your ship, much like cargo capacity does as you load/unload stuff. These NPCs would then charge you X amount each month. If you didn't pay, they would leave and the ships wouldn't be able to function as well.

However, at the moment, its not implemented, and as far as I am aware not in the immediate horizon. It may be brought in later, but I suspect code issues with the game generating such large numbers of events etc will cause problems for the rest of the game (such as salaries for normal NPCs, which has been deactivated until the code is smoothed out to avoid issues).