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Year 12 Day 319 14:53
Ok so I've noticed that I can't change my topic title anymore when I edit the first post. It changes the title inside the topic but not on the outside where people scroll through headings. This is a pain when I'm trying to say that the winners have been announced in my raffle but they can't see the title. I've been able to change the heading before just not anymore. Any ideas what changed?

Here's the link in order to figure out what I'm talking about. I can take a screenie if someone still doesn't understand.



Nice Planet, what do we blow up first?
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Year 12 Day 319 15:14
Kendall Holm

As I remember I think they said it was a bug ... this is like the 5th thread on this


Year 12 Day 319 16:27
Kendall is correct, this is a bug and it will be fixed with the next sync.

The forums have a search feature at the very bottom, or the bug base can be found and searched via the Report Bug link at the bottom (right hand menu) of every page. In the future I'd recommend using either of those first as you may find your answer quicker.

Year 12 Day 319 20:15

There was another thread in the Questions forum about this. Should still be on the first page as well.


Year 12 Day 320 11:15
My apologies, i tried asking on IRC but no one was available so I thew it up on here without searching.


Nice Planet, what do we blow up first?
Draze's Raffling Fun: