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Year 12 Day 321 5:42
I would ask here before filling a support ticket or a bug report. The new Door/Room system allows us to work with all items inside an entity?

Before the sync I move all items from where I'm to another room for convenience, if is there a lot of items I can go to the exact room that contain that item and can grab them.

Now after the sync all the items inside the ship are reachable from wherever I'm, and could do with them what I'm able to (not tried to load an entity since where I'm I can't but will do in like 1h); like taking an item located in the hangar bay and loaded my backpack while I'm at the cockpit (three rooms and one level of difference between them) without moving to their position or moving them to the cockpit first.

For me the "pros" are that is a better manageable items when you are inside a ship, you can perform any actions without moving to where the ships are, it's like you order someone and the crew move to where the items are and do all the job for you. But that is good when you are dealing with less than 50 items inside a ship.

If you happen to have a lot of items (I do crafting and always have a lot of keykards) inside a ship or an station, or any entity and you are looking for an exact item.

But also I need to test this in a ship with closed doors, but only in 1 hour can do this...

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Year 12 Day 321 5:53
Yes its a bug, and yes its been reported.


Year 12 Day 321 6:05
Ok, thanks for your promtly answer.


"History is on the move. Those who cannot keep up will be left behind, to watch from a distance. And those who stand in our way will not watch at all."

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Year 12 Day 321 6:09
Colour me freaky!

Just had a look, and checked the Room Events (like ah always do) and noticed other people had been in the cockpit today (and one of them never left!!!), which is really freaky since ah've been in Hyper since yesterday

Year 12 Day 321 10:51
Ordinii Gotha

Me too, Draven Diesel was on the ship I'm flying today, according to room events, but he was clearly not. Very freaky indeed :)

Year 12 Day 321 11:20
wow I just noticed [1333 Room Events] and so much random people show up on the events - I think there is a mistake in the Matrix =P


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Year 12 Day 321 22:58
I entered a facility now I'm stuck in it. I go to room travel and I get this error message.

An error occured: Invalid squad location: 35:0

Nothing else pops up, so I can't leave the building. Not even the menu on the right side of the screen comes up.

Year 12 Day 322 7:18
Kendall Holm

Have you tried using a different browser ... a lot of times it work and if it doesnt at least you got the error to repeat on different browsers


Year 12 Day 323 0:10
Derrik Thynite

Well, somewhere along the line i've either gained a reinforced door or theres a new feature [read: bug] thats given me a free door. Cheers!


Year 12 Day 323 0:31
You're the one stealing all the doors! Thief!


Year 12 Day 323 1:32
Derrik Thynite

See if you can catch me behind my brand new door (which i may have stolen from your palace, garage, luxury yacht, YT-1300 or any other of your now doorless facilities).


Year 12 Day 323 17:17
Mark Smith

Is it a glitch that when you fail to update a door it not only disapears but hurts your hp

Year 12 Day 323 17:18
There's always been a chance of injury on failure.


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Year 12 Day 324 6:20
Mark to elaborate a little, if you fail there is a chance you'll get injured. but the door should not disappear.

on a side note, is this responsible for my room descriptions being cleared?

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Year 12 Day 324 7:15
It was brought up in the Sim News thread - Sin said he had a backup and would restore descriptions when he can.