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Year 12 Day 329 11:55
Asaaj Starwalk
Asaaj Starwalk
Say me and a friend log in from a place such as a school, would this be inadvertently breaking multi rules? Mind that they are different computers but probably the same IP.

Edited By: Asaaj Starwalk on Year 12 Day 329 11:59
Year 12 Day 329 14:05
You should register as multis, just to be safe.

Year 12 Day 333 7:34
*edit* please forgive me, i was incorrect when posting this. please disregard.

i wouldn't worrie about it, as long as you both log on at your home as well from different IP's. I use public access often and never gave it a second thought. Admin's haven't ever said anything to me so its really should be fine.

Edited By: Raheem Quintana on Year 12 Day 336 4:50

Year 12 Day 333 15:06
If they regularly log in from the same IP address then yes, they need to register as multi-accounts. Don't give out incorrect advice, Raheem.

Year 12 Day 333 18:29
Raheem, logging in at a public place where you don't know there are others connecting, and logging in at a school where you know there is someone else connecting are 2 different things.


Year 12 Day 336 4:51
I see, i'm sorry for any confusion on my part. I have edited my original post as an attempt not to "muddy the waters".