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Year 12 Day 332 15:13
Kyota Navic

everyone of the download/install cp exchanges are malware. trust me i do this type of work everyday and i know they are all malware. i have tested them all. not a single one should be considered safe.

Edit: since there's sooo many viruses/phishing i saw with the cp things i will gladly offer to test everything for viruses before they get on this site. i'll do it for free as well. i mean everything i went to except some of the surveys were viruses. why do you guys allow Blvd-media to do this? at least let me help prevent your users from getting viruses by testing them.

Edited By: Kyota Navic on Year 12 Day 332 16:21

Year 13 Day 18 20:40
Jimbo Jon

Installing them to a virtual machine is best practice when dealing with software from unknown vendors.

Year 13 Day 58 9:40
FYI, all suspicious offers have been disabled in early December 2011.


Sim Master Veynom

*** This post is written on 100% recyclable electrons. ***
Year 13 Day 92 20:56
Kyota Navic

i just checked yet again and they are all still viruses. i even did this a month ago and posted in support every download offer and their link on virustotal. all of them were viruses and that was after dec 2011.


Year 13 Day 134 14:18
Brand Malden

I'm gonna have to confirm this. I've just recently reinstalled windows 7 on my pc after wiping everything clean.. decided as long as I had a vanilla to test with I would. Had to remove 8 viruses/threats after downloading the webplayer which I was never credited for downloading.

Edited By: Brand Malden on Year 13 Day 134 14:19

Year 13 Day 221 20:25
( virus and CP related, but not Blvd... removed)

Edited By: Cirru Tan on Year 13 Day 221 22:58

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