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Year 12 Day 333 16:23
Hi I tried to go to 2 sectors today but when I punched hyper it came up as an error any suggestions?

Year 12 Day 333 17:17
Can you post what the exact error message was? And the exact steps and each button you pressed in the process?


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Year 12 Day 333 17:26
I will the next time i try to travell there.


Year 12 Day 333 18:26
Did you try selecting a sector that doesn't have any systems in it? That might be your issue.


Year 12 Day 333 18:38
Yes there where no systems in the sector.can we not venture into those parts?

Year 12 Day 333 19:21
An error occured: Cannot move to that location (copy+pasted)

is what I get When i try to go to Yminis.And there are no systems listed yet

Year 12 Day 333 19:30
You can go there, you just need to manually select the co-ordinates. Choosing by sector only works when you are choosing a system to go to.


Year 12 Day 334 6:57
Harlynn Kinn
Harlynn Kinn
So are sectors without systems in them open to players now??


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Year 12 Day 334 7:48
They always were...


Year 12 Day 334 17:33
Ellias, I think she means to build in.

Year 12 Day 334 18:11
Asaaj Starwalk
Asaaj Starwalk
Without systems what is there to build on in the first place?

Year 12 Day 334 18:19
Patrick, I realise that. There wasn't any ban on building/moving your stations into any deepspace location, regardless of whether it was in a sector boundries or not (deepspace does not equal outside a sector boundries by the way - it just means it's an unnamed system with no planetary bodies in it).