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Year 12 Day 334 14:44
In a Meeting Hall scenario I''m in, I'm using an NPC to help my character with combat and whatever else I find. If I understand some of things I've read I can go ahead and "take this charcter with me" and use hiim in other scenario's.
1) Is this true?
2) How does this work? (I know that could be a long answer so a link to where the info already exists is more then fine.)
3) If I "keep" him how/can I make an actual NPC to represent him?

If you need info on the NPC I'll post what I have so far.


Year 12 Day 334 14:52
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
As long as it's within the rules of swc, then generally NPC's in an RP are totally fine. I myself use a droid companion. You can essentially treat it as a second character, in that you can direct it's actions, what it says, and so on.

As for representing it in the game, custom type NPC's do best, you can find details on them in the rules pages.


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Year 12 Day 334 16:37
Thanks this helps.


Year 12 Day 335 22:38
I have bought a Custom NPC. 2 questions
1) Where exactly is the Edit Script link? I've looked all over, I find NPC's a little difficult to navigate.
2)The rules say "Instead, they receive some Skill Points (SP) that must be assigned in their skills by the players, using the regular skills rules. "
A) Is this currently in effect?
B) If so how do I assign the points?


Year 12 Day 335 23:26
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
1. I'm not totally sure, but it's possible that editing custom npc scripts is currently broken, I know there were some problems with them a while back.

2A.go to the npc screen on your inventory> "view npc skills" button on the left of the npc> "assign" near their image on the top left.

B. As a general rule, the skills that are in effect for players are in effect for NPC's. So R&D skills, among others, currently serve no function. however, they are going to be implemented eventually(soontm), so don't worry.


This user is currently in the process of moving, and so is semi-inactive.
Year 12 Day 336 0:21
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
how to implement the script is there:

rules --> npc's --> scripts

Year 12 Day 336 0:53
Apparently I'm missing something.
1) When I go to Equipment I see nothing refering to NPC's.
The only place I can see my NPC is in Party.
The only place I can see info on the NPC is the little button pops up Fitout.
2) Again I think I'm A) missing something B) have done something wrong to not have proper access C) a glitch no giving me access. I can't find View NPC Skills, NPC Inventory
3)Finally, in Fitout to the side of the green outlined men it lists Skills and Skill Points. His Skills already have SP assigned(values range 1-4 in each). Is that right and I'm supposed add more or were they auto-assigned when they shouldn't have.
Bottom Line I can't figure out/find how to edit anything on my NPC.
I'm assuming Inventory = Equipment, as I can't find Inventory anywhere.
Thanks for the help and patience.


Year 12 Day 336 2:30
Your inventory is there on teh sidebar - you will have a section for ships, vehicles, cities, etc. NPCs will be there somewhere. Once you click that you will see all the NPCs you own. On the right hand sideish there will be some text which are clickable links - one will say Edit NPC, which is where you assign skill points; the other will say Edit Script (but only if it is a custom NPC). Scripts work perfectly fine, and have done so for maybe a year now.

The equipment page merely lists items you have equipped on you, and that are laying on the floor.


Year 12 Day 336 12:24
Thanks that clears up everything. I was having a special moment.