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Year 7 Day 45 7:06
Cypher Diaz

Somehow 6 of Dorinian Military Corps NPC\\\'s have gone AWOL and been abducted by flying saucers... in the NPC Inventory it locates them at:

Passenger In Ship Room: Entrance

edit: we (the faction) have no idea where this is.

must\\\'ve been a ship previously owned by the faction i\\\'m assuming.. 90% sure we certainly don\\\'t have it at the moment, Could i get the NPC\\\'s moved, or some information on the ship their in?

if its possible to have them moved, could they be moved to the city Xemtenta ) if they cant be, can i be notified quickly, i don\\\'t like displaying ID numbers...

edit: removed ID\'s

Edited By: Cypher Diaz on Year 7 Day 50 4:20
Year 7 Day 46 23:09
Can only move them if they got there as the result of a bug. Might be able to give you the email of the ship owner. Can you provide the NPC IDs please?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 50 4:23
Cypher Diaz

hold on... i\\\'ll give an answer here in a moment...(hopefully with ID\\\'s)

as for now: I don\\\'t beleive they were stolen, there\\\'s only been one person who made them and intended to use them.. they vanished to all knowledge

edit: first NPC\'s ID is: 31838

maybe they have been found by now, just in case an owner or ship name would help

Edited By: Cypher Diaz on Year 7 Day 50 4:29
Year 7 Day 50 4:33
hmm, can you check that ID again? That\'s a bit too high for an NPC.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 50 4:57
Cypher Diaz

ack my bad, thats the room ID its located in. It appears either I don\'t have high enough privs, or NPC\'s don\'t display ID\'s easily, i\'m Manager and Supervisor of the thing and can\'t get any info...

i\'ll go ask my fearless leader and see what she can do,, i\'ve got a suspicion it has to do with ownership of the NPC

Year 7 Day 50 7:02
Davsk Carvalm

Cypher, press 'Edit NPC' and you'll be able to see the NPC's ID in the URL. it is called targetID

Year 7 Day 50 18:11
Cypher Diaz

thankyou! I knew about ID's in the URL, i just couldn't find where it was for the NPC anywhere!

they should all be at the same location as this NPC

Year 7 Day 51 23:55
Oki, you can contact the owner at, he's active.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 53 7:19
Cypher Diaz

thanks dude,,,, incredibly appreciative

Year 7 Day 53 7:59
no worries


Kids these days!