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Year 12 Day 347 11:05
Azazel Applewhite

hello all, i would like to create a successful thyferian medical doctor. what would be the best skills to invest in when creating this character? what medical skills are implemented in the combine right now, and which ones are the most important? thank you.

-Azazel Applewhite

Year 12 Day 347 21:56
Derrik Thynite

The R&D skills don't apply as of yet, but Medical Treatment is an essential for an actual Doctor, while you may also want the appropriate skills to produce medicine, which can be found in the rules pages.


Year 12 Day 348 3:08
Pretty much the Medical Treatment skill is the only one you need to be a medical officer. Production uses Leadership to reduce times.


Year 12 Day 355 18:09
Brassica Trefoil

With Medical Treatment and Leadership in the same skill group, you'd need to decide whether to be moderately competent in both, or quite accomplished in one, with a passing knowledge of the other.

As a Thyferran, you have a racial skill bonus of 1 in R&D Medical, which isn't implemented yet, but will eventually relate to the discovery of new medical technology. Unlike other Research skills though, Medical doesn't stand alone, but rather is "half" of the research equation, working hand-in-hand with another research type. For example, R&D Medical and R&D Items (both in the Social skill tree) would both be used to determine your skill in discovering new medical supplies... medical and ships to discover new medical frigates... etc.

As Ellias said, to be a Doctor, your bread & butter skill is Medical Treatment. As a Thyferran, the highest Medical Treatment skill that you can begin with is skill level 4. (To begin with your Medical Treatment capped at skill level 5, you'd need to create a character of a race with a +1 or higher racial bonus to Medical Treatment.)

From a role play point of view, there are some skills I see as having good synergy with Medical professionals. Medical Treatment, of course; as you level up, you may wish to spend points in R&D Medical (building on your racial skill level of 1); from a purely role play perspective, you might consider the general skill of Vigor, which is described as mitigating damage done to you, but more importantly as reflecting your immunity to general disease and illness. (Important considerations for a Doctor.)

And if you wished to play the part of a paramedic-type character, then consider skills such as Speeder Piloting (Kettrifee Air Mover), Freighter Piloting (Sprint-class rescue craft) and Capital Ship Piloting (Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigate).