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Year 12 Day 347 17:50
Mark Smith

so ive heard the SIMreports tha we cant build cities on planets with no city slabs

can we still build cities on planets with no goverment but still have city slabs or do i have to wait?

Year 12 Day 347 20:41
I think Jesfa has made all the cities on the NPC planets, but I've not heard anything about the various planets made for factions that split up planets for smaller ones.


Year 12 Day 347 21:46
Mark Smith

Thanks I'm going to be happy slabbing

Year 12 Day 347 21:56
It was announced that there will be a Sim News post when you can start slabbing unclaimed planets again.

Until then, enjoy your ban.

Year 12 Day 348 11:23
Mark Smith

But the planet has have slabed city's on it and its not a homeworld

Year 12 Day 348 11:47
Darkness is the only faction that slabbed unowned planets.


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Year 12 Day 348 16:47
To be on the safe side, best to wait in orbit with your ships and keep an eye out on the SIMnews