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Year 12 Day 349 14:34
Azazel Applewhite

Hello, Is there a way to post a picture on a thread from photobucket, and not have the ability to click in that given image? Is there something that I can take away from the HTML or add to it to prevent someone from clicking on a picture and then viewing my online album? My online album is locked, however I just find it anoying to scroll over a picture of mine and have the pointer turn into a finger point ect. Thank you in advance for any/all help.


Year 12 Day 349 14:36
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

Yeah, it's pretty simple. Alter the url photobucket gives you. Open your image in a new tab and get the url from that, then manually link it.

Year 12 Day 349 14:42
Azazel Applewhite

Haha I should have thought of that! Many thanks.

Year 12 Day 349 17:40
Kendall Holm

or why dont you go to the picture and under it has a box called direct link .... click it and it will copy the link to the clipboard.


Year 12 Day 349 18:19
Azazel Applewhite

That is what I have been doing, but it leaves the possibility to click it. I do not want a link. Teyacapan's advice works for me, but if there is anotherway, please metion so that others will be able to see.

Year 12 Day 349 20:10
Kendall Holm

You are clicking the wrong one. You want the one labeled Direct Link it does exactly what Tey said ... it only copies the url no added fluff.


Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 12 Day 349 20:26