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Year 12 Day 349 21:25
Shuji Shizuka

So, the sensors page says this:

You will see the following entities on the map:
All entities who are your friends and you theirs.
All wrecks, asteroids or facilities.
All entities that are in range (ie: on a square of your scanner grid where the sensor power is greater than 0) and whose stealth (characters) or ECM (everything else) is less than the sensor power on that square.
All stations with no ECM. 

So, my question is: is this currently implemented/not broken?

Also, a quick and admittedly incomplete search of the rules pages revealed no ships, other than the infiltrator star courier, that have an ecm of greater than 0. Is there a reason why no other ships have them? Is it a planned R&D thing, or is it just because we don't happen to have any ships that would warrant such a rating?


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Year 12 Day 349 22:21
Ships with ECM include: CR-92r, Delta-7 Jedi Fighter and the Scimitar. There maybe a few ships that have ECM modded on (like Eidola's YV-666).

It should be working just fine.

As for other ships not having it, its mainly because stealth was reserved for prototypes and highly specialised ships. In my propsed ship stat update, several more ships would of gotten the ECM bonus because of various things that made them stealthy (ie actual ECM jammers, stealth paint, tiny size) so ships such as the A-wing, J-327, Ginivex would of had 1 or 2 points of stealth on them. Alas it was not meant to be. Likely come R&D there will be some ships that have ECM, and after R&D hopefully modding of ships to add ECM.


Year 12 Day 349 22:23
Shuji Shizuka

Cool, thanks. Speaking of which, why not repropose that Ellias? Didn't it get shot down because of one minor diffrence?


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Year 12 Day 349 22:46
It was shot down because people couldn't stand that the bulk's passenger capacity was dropped down to around 10.

Year 12 Day 349 23:03
Shuji Shizuka


There was only a small area for passengers in the canon version?>.>


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Year 12 Day 349 23:50
Actually it was down to 1 or something. Quite why Veynom or others couldn't of said that we would leave the BFF-1 at 100 passengers (like we did with the Gallo - apparently having only one DC owner was enough to stop the passengers from changing down to the 5 it should be, but when there is more its ok to. Then get suprised by the backlash) and do everything else I don't know.

And heck, that stage was the less controversial one - the next stage would of been things like vol/weight capacity, hyperspace, etc.


Year 12 Day 349 23:53
Shuji Shizuka

Seems like for that, a team is needed!



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Year 12 Day 351 0:12
Asteroid Hideout has ECM too. It would be fun to see it on more ships, though I wasn't fun of Ellias proposes changes, only thing I recall I liked is that my Ginivex squadron would be stealthy =P


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Year 12 Day 351 20:19

Related question, does the stealth skill work the same way? And, is currently implemented?

Year 12 Day 351 20:52
On ground tiles, yes, it works the same way.