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Year 12 Day 352 13:40
So i have a sentinel droid picture that i did and i have a photobucket account. Then i put the image on photobucket but i don;t know how to find the Url for putting pictures on combine. Someone please help.


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Year 12 Day 352 13:42
You need to go to Exchange CPs, click on your CP ammount (its udner your Level) and then Exchange CPs or use this link:


Once there scroll down to :: Custom Images :: and fill out the boxes. You need 500 CPs for custom image.


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Year 12 Day 352 13:43
Thanks a lot.


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Year 12 Day 354 9:48
Brassica Trefoil

May I suggest using Imageshack instead of Photobucket? If I have the right of it - Photobucket will delete photos that haven't had any hits for a while, whereas Imagshack never deletes anything. (Assuming one complies with statutory requirements and the services user agreement.)

(Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Edit: Given the feedback from people who I've no doubt have vastly greater experience of image hosts than I do, it seems the reverse is true. I did read on the PB site about a bandwidth limit per day on images, and it may be that which has led to the PB image-loading errors that I see from time-to-time. While my personal experience of the two sites holds true, it has been 3 or 4 years since I switched from PB to IS, and undoubtedly much has changed in that time. Given the experience of others in this thread, it may be high time for me to re-activate my old PB account. (Or to create a new one, should the old one have been deleted due to inactivity.)

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Year 12 Day 354 10:05
I've had a photobucket account for at least 5 years and they've never deleted a single image of mine.

Year 12 Day 354 10:08
Kendall Holm

I agree with Mikel ... I also have had my photobucket for years. No deletion.


Year 12 Day 354 10:57
i have to agree with Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Holm, my photobucket has never deleted any of mine either


Year 12 Day 354 12:39
I, on the other hand, have seen countless instances of imageshack links dying over time.

Lately I've become a convert to imgur as well.

Year 12 Day 354 15:12
same same and same.


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Year 12 Day 362 13:13
Dan Hakim

I've had enough of seeing that imageshack frog instead of the picture, especially on signatures and avatars.