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Archives » Flight grade repursorlifts and landing capacity for VSD ?
Mika Noris

The question was bugging me for a long time, but I don't think it fits suggestions forum.

Shouldn't VSD be able to operate in atmosphere and have an ability to land ?
The ship we have in SWC, is supposed to be VSD Mark I, which by design was able to fly in atmosphere (thus these wings on the sides of the ship) and as proven in Ghorman Massacre story (when Tarkin landed his VSD on protestors) - was able to land on the planet's surface.

It was the later design, Mark II, which lost ability to descend, by upgrading ship's sublight speed.

Unique among Star Destroyers, the Victory featured atmospheric maneuvering surfaces or "wings", making it one of the largest capital ships capable of atmospheric operations; in one of the most infamous examples of this capability, then-Captain Tarkin landed his vessel on a crowd of protestors in what would later be called the Ghorman Massacre. Such ships could take the battle to the enemy on the surface, rather than be restricted to orbital bombardments. The following Victory II subclass retained the wings but lost this atmospheric ability. 

I know that ships review is an old idea, abandoned long time ago,due to more important development tasks, but shouldn't such vital for this ship option, be included in our stats ?

Thanks in advance for any answers :)

I just wanna say landing a VSD on a crowd of people is just epic idea lol


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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I believe the reasoning given was that the ability to land the VSD would make it too overpowered.

Then make it the MkII version?

It was part of my proposed ship changes, and Vey had given the ok to it. Another thing to lament.


The MkII had different weaponry; if you look, ours has the weapons and technology of the MkI but the landing capacity (or lack thereof) of the MkII. It's a menagerie.

Mika Noris

Too keep game balanced and make it fair - Tarkin's landing is the only one incident I'm aware of - besides he landed on platform/pad - so there's a reason to put it in question. More or less.....

But what about adding repursorlifts and ability to descend to atmosphere only ?
It was main purpose and design of the ship, making VSD able to fly in atmosphere. Heritage of Acclamators and Venators, I believe.


Alex Tylger

The Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser was also able to land in canon.


Chancy Mandu

I seem to recall there was a proposed plan to give the VSD the ability to land it was around the same time when there was talk of reducing the BFF max passengers to 1. needless to say people where not happy and both ideas where scrapped

As I said CHancy, it was when I proposed the ship changes - so much more than those 2 were scrapped wwhen the changes were.


Ku`Bakai Roche

I actually liked most of the changes you proposed. It would of affected me some but I would of worked through it :).


Shuji Shizuka

Ellias, why not re-propose them?


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Because I cannot be bothered to waste my time. I did post the entire list of proposed changes (including, I think, changes to hyper, cargo cap etc) in another thread about ship changes in the questions forums if you want to search.