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Year 12 Day 355 18:23
I can only find two classified posts and seem to remember it being quite a popular place to advertise ships and jobs etc. Tried posting myself to make a transport request but now I can not see my ad anymore. Have rules changed, or is the Classifieds feature no longer used or working?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Edited By: Elden Voxe on Year 12 Day 355 18:23

Year 12 Day 355 18:45
Periodically they refresh and all the Ads are cleared. You may wish to re-post yours when this happens. I'm uncertain if it is the result of a bug or not; personally I enjoy looking there now since I know every Ad is up-to-date.

Year 12 Day 355 19:38
For some reason the Classifieds deletes everything every day. Most likely other people did the same as me and just edit their last post to grab the code, delete it and then repost. Now since your old post is removed, its too much work to go hunt down the copy you have stashed somewhere just to repost it.


Year 12 Day 356 19:41
Yep that is a bug; it was intended to purge posts older than 30 or 60 days, and at some point that stopped happening. :p They are not commonly used any longer as a result.



Year 12 Day 359 20:32
Dan Hakim

Can we have them back?

I know they used to get stuffed up with repeated postings from the same people, but I always liked them too, I would've been happy with a weekly refresh a bit the classifieds in a local newspaper.


Year 12 Day 361 6:24
It would need to be bug reported, if it hasn't been.



Year 12 Day 361 22:23
It would be nice if the classifieds were available for 14 days or so.
This would match Auction times on CPM
Also if normal sales dont get some response on CPM within 16 days you may consider offers or sweeteners which could be advertised in the Classifieds for the remaining 14 days.

And if its Transport required you may wait a week, but definitely would not want to wait 30 days for a response...

Thanks for listening.

Please reply so Admins can see how many players are interest in getting this fixed.


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Year 12 Day 362 13:07
Dan Hakim

It would need to be bug reported, if it hasn't been.

- Syn

I think the problem is that most people thought it was a deliberate action by admins rather than a bug, especially after the admins complained about having to tidy up peoples' multi-posting.