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Archives » How long till my name is approved
Year 12 Day 357 0:20
Im just wondering how long usually till the admin approves a name for character creation? I'm new so i havent even played just waiting on this


The Wraiths
Year 12 Day 357 1:59
Just depends on when an appropiate person with the right privs gets on and accepts/rejects them. I'll go do some now if oyu like.


Year 12 Day 358 8:14

Im haveing same thing need them to accept my name or something help

Every time i go back it ask me to poot new handle in

Edited By: 165910 on Year 12 Day 358 8:16
Year 12 Day 358 8:36
If it takes longer than 24 hours, there is a problem, otherwise you just need to be patient :D

Year 12 Day 359 18:51

im still waiting on mine to approve..

Year 12 Day 360 6:09
There is no handle waiting approval for your account ... it was most likely declined, so check your email for the reason and submit a new handle.

Year 13 Day 144 10:17
yh how long it gonna take for someone with the right credentials to approve names

Year 13 Day 144 10:40
Just knocked out a large backlog of handles, so you should now be approved/declined.



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 13 Day 206 16:44
L-Jay Lucio

Im new here and i was wondering how long does it take because i would really love 2 try playing.

Year 13 Day 207 2:16
It should happen within 24 hours.

Year 13 Day 226 5:06
Luke Midnight

i would like to play but im still waiting for my handle to be aproved

Year 13 Day 226 5:10
For how long have you waited?

- If it is longer then 24 hours, you should check your e-mail (incl. spam folder) for a message that it got rejected due to rules violation.

- If it is less then 24 hours then wait a bit longer, read some rules pages, join us in IRC, or read a book :-)


Year 13 Day 226 5:16
Luke Midnight

about 9 hours

Year 13 Day 240 6:37
Kovyrlo Je

I waited for 12 hours, not so much