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Archives » Spawn Cap ship now or later?
Year 12 Day 357 12:40
Lorenzas Atticus

I'm just curious about the opinions of some more veteran players than myself. If you had enough CP's would you spawn one of the current CP ships or wait a six weeks or so for the new ones to be released?
Are the current CP ship considered above, below, or about average in terms of quality for the typical CP Capital ships?

Year 12 Day 357 17:28
I would say spawn now - waiting won't do you much good.

As for the quality, they are not the best we've had, but nor are they the worse - the generation beforehand (Belarus/Tartan) was not that great in my opinion.


Year 12 Day 357 18:44
Brassica Trefoil

I'm with Ellias on this. I've piloted a M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner, and they're a sweet ride. Very roomy.

The Hammerhead looks like fun too. (Haven't been in one though.)

And... in a few weeks, they'll both be classified as Rare ships, their price will skyrocket on CPM.

Should something better come along with the next batch (always a gamble), you can always trade for it (using your rare Cap.) or click (or donate) for CPs to buy it.

Oh, and Ellias, don't let Bromley hear you say that! Accodring to him, the Tartan is the best ship in the game! (Mind you, Bromley's a hard core Sensorphile!) :p

Year 12 Day 357 20:30
Well, for the price of it, the Tartan was terrible. I think only a handful were ever spawned (maybe less than 20 at most). But in terms of usefulness and stats etc, the Bayo and Namana were the best ones.


Year 12 Day 358 0:22
I think Hammerhead is better than Bayo, it has the same weapons, minus 2 tractor beams, it is faster is sublight, but yeah, slower in hyper, but can hold more and has better armour, shields and ionic. MCL is pretty cool, I love that ship, so much rooms and nice capacity. Hammerhead has nice layout as well.

As Ellias said, if you wait you might end up having to wait another year because the new CP caps will be worse.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 12 Day 358 0:50
If the quality of the cp ships are going to continue to decline then their cp prices need to lower to match their mediocrity. Just my opinion.


Goran'alor Dragan be aliit Ora'jair
Alor be Mandal Hypernautics
Year 12 Day 358 1:50
CP prices are based on their RM reqs, with minor tweaking. Hence why the Tartan was so much.


Year 12 Day 358 13:40
Lorenzas Atticus

I really like the look and stats of the Hammerhead plus it goes for at least 150 million credits on CPM anymore. If it had a hyper 3 instead of 2 then I think it would be a no-brainer but it is just a little too slow for me. I think the suggestion that the value would go up after it becomes rare is probably true though.

Year 12 Day 358 14:27
Buy the Hammy and start collecting CPs: if you find something in the next batch then you have a headstart and can still sell the Hammy for a nice credit-boost, if not then you still have a slightly-slow Cap ship (which can be countered by increasing your Cap Ship piloting skills)

Year 12 Day 358 23:20

I'm with Ellias on this. I've piloted a M-Class Mon Calamari Luxury Liner, and they're a sweet ride. Very roomy. 

Hahaha. Roomy indeed. Sin went silent on the mic when I sent him the roommap for when it became time to implement the M-Class. He then proceeded to request we make it smaller. :)

The standard rules we've had for the creation of CP ships, is that the CP price is 10% of the RMP, which is based off the ships stats. However, in most cases we do some slight tweaking to make the ships more/less reasonable.

The Tartan, for whatever reason is one example of what happens when the prices aren't tweaked. Unfortunately, because they were not edited to be a different % of RMP, the CP cost was ludicrously high, meaning very few in comparison to over CP capitals were spawned.

As to the question/comment that CP ships of late have been worse, it's intentional. For a time, CP ships were actually far superior than those that were available through IC/faction means. The Bayo being a prime example of an amazing ship, too amazing. Most of the CP ships you see now/in the future, are ships we found that are purposely inferior to what we have. Essentially, this is why you'll never see a Venator on the CP list. :)