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Year 12 Day 363 13:57
so i sunned myself, says i have 20 days till respawn, that is the time till i can make a new char right?, or is that a goto coming back after the 20 days...thats the 1st question

2nd question, i still have the 100,000+ cp points ive been collecting, do i retain those after new char or are they gone with the ships and stuff i had?


Year 12 Day 363 14:04
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

That's twenty days until the create new character option appears, you retain your CPs.

Year 12 Day 363 14:04
Your character will not respawn. You'll have to make a new character, but your CPs will carry over.



And From A Darkness I Descend
Clenching A Torch Of Sweet Revenge

Year 12 Day 363 17:37
You can however choose a new name ready for when you can recreate.


Year 12 Day 363 17:59
i figured it wasnt a respawn same char...thats cool, thats not what i wanted to do anyways, i was just concerned...i was under the assumption you couldnt make a new char before 30 days was up, and i would have hated to get banned for making a new char 10 days early...that would piss me off but proper actually


Year 12 Day 363 19:05
3 weeks = 21 days

Year 12 Day 363 19:23
Your weeks don't have 10 days in them? O_o Sucks to be you

Year 12 Day 363 20:00
You can't be banned for making your character - only if you want to bypass the wait time and create an entirely new account.