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Year 13 Day 6 1:38
As far as I know there had already been a legal case between SWC and LucasArts, but it got sorted out and SWC is now accepted as long as it generates no revenue

Year 13 Day 6 7:58
Kendall Holm

Lucas Arts will usually only attack people making money off anything that resembles anything in their databases. For instance if you make a painting of a ship that resembles an X-Wing but isnt an X-wing and they catch wind you are trying to sell the painting they will go after you but since we make no profit of this game they are not interested in us


Year 13 Day 10 11:53
Is it possible to contact them, or would they just contact me if i started up a game?

Year 13 Day 10 12:37
Kendall Holm

They will contact you ... or a lawyer will.


Year 13 Day 11 9:15
I really want to make my own game, however I really don't want any trouble with LL or the law. Is there anyone on SWC who can put me in contact with a representative of LL so I can preemptively meet the issue without a court case?

Year 13 Day 11 9:59
Shuji Shizuka

I believe that SWC prefers to stay out of Lucas' sights as much as possible. We only exist because we are strictly non-for-profit, but that doesn't mean that Lucas can't crush us if he so chooses.


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Year 13 Day 11 17:31


As per contacting LL, I'm sure they have a "Contact Us" of somekind over on LucasArts site.


Year 13 Day 13 1:25
And even then, they could change their stance on the whim. Because it's their copyright.

Year 13 Day 15 12:32
I shouldn't get into trouble if my game is private, should I? Cuase i think i'm just gonna invite friends of mine to play

Year 13 Day 15 14:21
John Avian

If you're interested in making your own game, there's two things you ought to know:

1) If they never hear about it, nothing will ever go down. Ergo, if it's only between yourself and your friends, you shouldn't run into any resistance from anywhere.

2) If the game was created by and for yourself and your friends and you (plural) aren't making any money off of it at all, no court in the world would award them money. Copyright laws only extend so far.

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Year 13 Day 15 18:24
Guys, maybe starting a thread in Message Centre would be better. More people over there. This has turned out to be more of a discussion than helping.


Avid Soyak
Asst Simmaster

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Year 13 Day 15 18:49
Shuji Shizuka

ZOMG! Avid!

*throws a pokeball*


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