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Year 13 Day 6 15:18
I bought a squad of npcs from somebody and just arrived on location to pick them up. The seller had them in a squad and set to patrol to earn them XP till I got there. Problem is now I'm here I can't get them to stop or interact with them in any way even though I am the owner/manager/supervisor of all of them. Am I missing something here? I would think as their owner I could override any previous orders they had been given but in the position interface all I get is '12 npcs you can not party with.'



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

Year 13 Day 6 17:43
Akela Galney

A buyer messaged me about this. Try asking previous owner to disband the squad, that should take care of it.

Year 13 Day 6 18:12
But otherwise, best to make a bug report about it asking that owners/commanders can override previous instructions for squads. I;ve noticed that its come up a few times.


Year 13 Day 6 18:16
I had opened a bug about something very similar.

Year 13 Day 6 21:13
Lorenzas Atticus

i had some buggy NPC's that had me trapped on planet for over a month until Troon figured out how to rescue me from them. They could not be fired (even after giving them away) and Admin could not even destroy them. Eventually I was given replacements but I bet they are still out there marching. Hopefully yours were not sold to you because they were buggy. Without knowing who you purchased them from it would not surprise me though.

Year 13 Day 29 16:14
Asar Anchti

I don't want to make new thread just for one answer, so I use this one. Can I order a squad full of Fighter pilots to patrol a system in ships, similarly to ground patroling?


Year 13 Day 29 17:07
Derrik Thynite

Not yet. Although, I'm guessing that is the function they will end up having in future.


Year 13 Day 29 17:17
Currently only ground patrolling is available.