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Year 13 Day 12 19:02
I've seen where this question has been asked before, but not really answered. (or if it has, guess im not the most observant monkey in the sea)

But I have a squad of NPCs that i own, am supervisor, and manager of. I am trying to move them and it will not let me. no i did not make them a squad. no i dont know who made them a squad, but i suspect the person who made the squad is now dead.

do i just need to make a bug report or is there something im just missing?



Year 13 Day 12 20:47
I've submitted a bug report for that issue actually. Feel free to add your comments there.

Year 13 Day 12 22:32
Blot Hlidskjalf

are you at the same location with your npc's?

Year 13 Day 12 22:43
Yeah, if you didn't make the squad, you can't really do anything. You could try adding to the bug report, or possibly a support ticket (though not sure what the ASims could do to fix it). Or, you could try contacting the person who sold them (and presumably made the squad) and try asking them to disband the squad (might need ot reassign them to do that).


Year 13 Day 14 23:56
I don't know if that's possible when they are on the run. But we managed to disband the squad by arresting and releasing one of the squad members.

Year 13 Day 42 11:53
It works for NPCs which are patrolling as well. I just fixed the same issue I'd been having with arresting one of the squad NPCs.