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Archives » Command Centre on Jungle Terrain
Chancy Mandu


before I post in the bug base, I just want to check that im correct.

Im trying to build a command centre on jungle terrain city. I have all the privis, RMs etc. I can build other 7x7 facilites but the command centre isnt comming up in the list of facilities to build.

I checked the rules, it says nothing about facility size limit on a jungle and the city designer will allow me to place a command centre on a jungle.

am i missing somthing?


Command centers can only be built by factions as HQs, and I believe the CC is further restricted to paramilitary groups. The facility is not open for public construction, or even other faction construction.

I think the command centre is a HQ Facility and you can only build it if you've got enough members!

Chancy Mandu

Well there would certinly be enough members in the faction. I would be building on behalf of the faction (faction is owner)

There is no mention in the rules for the command centre that there is any affliation to any peticular faction (paramilitary factions).

Is there a privi required to build a HQ facility?

Kendall Holm

The CC is a restricted one time use Facil as I remember when I was in the TF. You get awarded one once you reach a certain member level. ANd then one for every other level reached. If you cant build it, it means one of the following: 1.) you dont have enough people. 2.) Someone already used it (if someone built it even for themselves, you lost it) 3.) You dont have the privs to build it

Again this was years and years ago so it may have changed


Chancy Mandu

Ok fair enough. Thanks guys you were a great help :)

Nope still the same Kendall. Every 10 members you get a DC to build one more HQ facility of the type assigned to your faction type.



A simple glance at your factions DC inventory should tell you how many/if any DC of the HQ are available.