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Year 13 Day 19 5:33
Is there a safe route through the galactic center?

Year 13 Day 19 5:35
Short answer: yes

Year 13 Day 19 5:44
Depends on what you mean by 'through'. If you mean just flying past in hyper, it won't pull you out of hyper. If you mean travel from one side to the other, sure, but why would you want to? There are blackholes dotted around but quite hard to work out where they are.


Year 13 Day 19 6:20
I need to fly through to get an abandoned ship, but like you said it is tough to figure out where the black holes are because almost the whole area is a gravity well

Year 13 Day 19 7:29
Yeah, I planned it that way while I was building it. Best to enter the system from the side closest to where the ship is, otherwise you risk running into blackholes between them.


Year 13 Day 19 10:55
So wait you can get pulled out of hyper by black holes? Is it instant death?


Year 13 Day 19 11:12
Kendall Holm

No black holes will not pull you out of hyper .... just when you are navigating at the sub light speeds you cannot see them so your chances are pretty good you will hit one. And yeah if you hit one it is big bowl of Carnations Insta-Death


Year 13 Day 20 20:16
Isn't it sort of unfair that ships that were at 0,0 before the change are now in the middle of a cluster of black holes? =P

Year 13 Day 20 21:50
They should have moved them when they had the chance :P

Year 13 Day 20 23:24
Well there was plenty of warning about the change - I told people that there would be new blackhole systems around, including the galactic center, as well as the system being on dev months before it went live on main.

People only have themselves to blame.


Year 13 Day 21 14:48
Not that fair warnings ever stop complaints anyway.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.