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Archives » Where is my Christmas Present?
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Year 13 Day 68 10:01
CP ships were addressed in the Dev Q&A meeting. The tentative date is around December, but possibly before then.


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Year 13 Day 68 12:04
We never said December. We technically said "sometime this year, or within six months." So, it could be tomorrow, it could be December, it could be April, it could be August, etc.


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Year 13 Day 68 12:42
It could be next Caturday for all we know!



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Year 13 Day 68 18:57
Naits Shkoobi

gotcha, so there's no being sure EXACTLY when it'll happen. So would the value of the simiyar light increase by quite a bit? and how often are new CP ships and other CP items introduced?


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Year 13 Day 69 18:52
Based on the stats its likely its value will increase. By how much depends on how long after they went rare and what people want to pay.

With the potential of R&D by the end of the year, people could get the DCs for these rarer ships, making ex-Cp ships fastly cheaper.


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