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Year 13 Day 25 12:00

I read all the rules and understand to a point but I must ask for help on doing my stats. I want to be a bounty hunter so what skills should I focus on? How can I find out if I am force sensitive? Do I need freighter pilot skills higher then 3? What race would be best? Just asking for advice ill make my own decision.

Thank you
Mr. Sage

Year 13 Day 25 17:41
Caes`hla Csapla

Greetings, Mr. Sage!

Glad to see you went out of your way to read the rules! Right now pvp has not been implemented, per say, but you can arrest a player (see Arrest and Execution). If you want to plan on pvp, I would put a focus into the weapon type of your choice (ie projectile, melee, etc.) and put points into that. I also feel that Infantry Command will be very useful for larger battles, such as if you're taking on multiple opponents. Realize that that is a costly skill as it will require you to outfit many NPCs for combat.

For force sensitivity, really just don't plan on it. Odds are very low. To be tested, I would join a faction and ask them to be tested at some point or another. Joining a faction to begin with is highly recommended as it will get you acclimated to the game.

Freighter piloting makes your ship faster. If you want to go fast, put points there. It will be useful before combat comes out. When combat comes out, I'm unsure. Possibly Space Command. I would look to others for more info there.

For race, I would choose a race that compliments your weapon choice. Gammorean if you go melee and whatnot. Pay attention to skills and health and don't choose a race based on force sensitivity chances.

I hope I am of some use to you!


Caes`hla Csapla, Aristocra of House Csapla.

Year 13 Day 25 18:22
Bounty hunting is primarily a who-you-know kinda business here. However, as mentioend above, skills that help with A/E are quite useful, so things like weapon skills, strength etc.

Force sensitivity is hard to get as its random and low chance. To find out a force sensitive (FS) person needs to test you. There are one or 2 people that test random players, but occasionally they do it so if you are FS they trap you and make you create a lightsaber for them (you can only make one ever). However most factions have some system to test their members at various times.

Pilot skill greater than 3 is up to you. At the moment all it does is reduce the time of travel by a small margin. I'd personally say any further increase in the skill is not really warranted unless you plan on being a super ace fighter pilot type person.

Race, depends on your preference. If you want to get a skill to level 5 straight away, best to look for a race that has skill points in that skill already (you need 15 points to get from 0 to 5, and the maximum points per category you can have is 14). Otherwise just choose what you think looks good or will be fun to play. I'd stay clear of the races with pilot restrictions if you are new as it can seriously hamper your play style and might make it harder for you to do what you want.