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Year 13 Day 30 1:26
High school courses in Desktop publishing and graphic design (Indesign Cs4)
Limited C++ coding experience
College course in creative writing
6 years of roleplaying experience

Activity level-
I'm usually online a few times a day.

My email,
I check all DM's.
If you need a phone number, etc., I would be happy to supply it over one of the two aforementioned medias.

I hope there is some way I can help!

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Year 13 Day 30 3:34
I'm guessing from this you want to help one of the teams? THey are highly unlikely to see this rather random post here. Best thing to do is look at the various teams here, then message the director for the group(s) you feel your skills be useful in.


Year 13 Day 30 14:46
That's odd! The "support us" page suggested posting here if you wanted to help the combine. I suppose I'll report to one of the teams, thanks for your help! But it would probably be good to change the instructions on the support us page, if only so that people don't feel like incompetents when they post here.

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Year 13 Day 30 16:31
We need people who know PHP, Javascript, (x)AJAX, and CSS. Not sure how helpful C++ knowledge is since I don't know anything about it, but there would still likely be a learning curve.

If you want to help code, best bet would be to get into contact with Zhao Yun.

Year 13 Day 31 3:05
C++ is not in use by SWC. I would suggest art team, white scenario team, or descriptions, based on the other skills you have listed, so those might be good starting points to take a peek at who to contact.



Year 13 Day 31 14:52
C++ is very similar to PHP, and would be a good starting point to learning to code for SWC, but given the level of complexity of SWC, it might take some time becoming proficient enough to handle even the smaller projects.


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Year 13 Day 31 21:48
I've decided to start learning PHP, not only to help the combine, but because from what I've seen from my research on PHP the past couple days, it's much simpler, and easier, to code. If any of you aren't to busy, I should wait until I've reached a fairly high level of proficiency before applying to the team, I would assume? In the mean time, I might see about helping out the descriptions team. I've noticed a few things that need editing.