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Year 13 Day 44 17:28
Too bad they didn't come out with cp items instead of the NPC wages......;(


Year 13 Day 45 22:32

The tool is fixed. Just waiting for the fish! :) 

Is not.


Year 13 Day 45 22:34
Derrik Thynite

Is too!

/me has child-like tantrum.


Year 13 Day 53 3:51
still waiting ...


Holaoey! Ooben, Va rastne maj bajan quee!
Year 13 Day 53 12:42
We don't even have a list at the moment, stop being impatient. We will get them done when we have the ability to. Posting will not make us work faster.

Year 13 Day 53 14:48
Every time someone demands new CP ships, they get delayed by another 2 months.

At this time, we're looking for an August 2014 release date.

Year 13 Day 53 19:46
Silly Togan, we all know the world will be over by then!


Year 13 Day 55 13:26
(lets see if this works)

don't get those CP ships up and running yet, there is one last one i want to buy and i'm still 8 days away from a starport! :)


Year 13 Day 55 14:35
Shuji Shizuka

New CP ships in 7 days then :)


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Year 13 Day 55 16:15
That an offer to help Shuji?

Year 13 Day 55 16:27
Mingolo Mingolonio

They will come when they come. I usually stock up on CP ships in October (RL), So what if it takes a few more months than usual. Look at Jev's post and be thankful it happens at all !!!

Props to all involved

- Chopa Riid

You crazy bastard, you still play? Hah! Send my regards to the D-man.

Edit: @pplWorriedAboutCPships stop asking about CP ships, it's pointless

Edited By: Mingolo Mingolonio on Year 13 Day 55 16:29


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