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Year 13 Day 32 18:08
I just looked in my NPC inventory and noticed that several of them have Wage Owed: and then the amount. Should this be happening? Should I pay my NPCs? Should it be reported as a bug? Thanks for any assistance provided. Cheers!


Year 13 Day 32 18:16
Seems its not a bug, I even got events that I paid some and need to pay others. Would have been nice if Admins would bother to mention it before it happened.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 13 Day 32 18:21
*hangs head in disappointment*


Year 13 Day 32 19:08
But why Lilith? Everyone has a month to pay, that's warning enough

Year 13 Day 32 23:54
It would be nice to have a heads up. I've never been forced to pay until now. Plus all the NPC's that have never asked for Wage are now asking... "/


Year 13 Day 33 0:02
I remember when we had to pay NPC wages a while back, it was taken offline because it caused problems with the FI which constantly messed up and paying wages while not always receiving FI wasn't a good combo. Count yourselves lucky that we've gone so long without it. As Tiali said, you have a month to sort it out. The options to set wages as auto paid or not have always been available too.

Year 13 Day 33 1:28
Technically, the only NPCs that disappeared at this point would be those that weren't paid since the last time it ran,m what, almost a year ago. All the rest have 1 month before they go poof.


Year 13 Day 33 2:37
Ah'm just glad that bug didn't hit me, ah've had some of mah NPCs from when ah started about 3 or 4 years ago

Year 13 Day 33 4:05
Ka`rla Leakey

But silly question about it being switched off due to it messing up FI, has it messed up FI as it doesnt seem to have run yet?

Year 13 Day 33 5:16
FI ran before the NPC wages - at least according to my events. So if you haven't gotten any events, then maybe you don't have your FI stuff setup correctly?


Year 13 Day 33 6:22
Thanks for turning the credit sink back on, and providing the formula used to determine their wages in the rules, so I can budget accordingly.


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Year 13 Day 33 6:37
Don't have the time to check the Rules (it's getting late and mah machine is running slow), but the wage is based on the cost of hiring the NPC from the source, correct? And not how much you paid? So if you paid anywhere between 0 (won them or were gifted them) and 2mil (a special custom in an auction) the wage would be the same?

So, umm, why is a Fighter pilot earning more than a Freighter and a Capital Ship pilot? In fact, out of mah small sample of NPCs (MCT, Brawlers, Medic, Builder, Fighter, Barge, Freighter & Capital Ship Pilot) the Fighter has the highest wage

Year 13 Day 33 7:21
Tiali, its something like 10% of the server values (I believe it is in the rules pages...), so presumably the fighter pilots have, oh, maybe a higher hiring cost than the others?


Year 13 Day 33 7:39
''Murgo hands out wage packets to his 91 NPC's''

What happens if you fire an NPC, do they stay at the current location?



Year 13 Day 33 7:56
If you fire, they disappear.


Year 13 Day 33 9:41
shame the autopay does not seem to work as it should or used too. and there been a warning about it being turned on and only I who missed it? If so could made sure we double checked all NPCs for any outstanding wages. Lost several thousands NPCs which was used in various ways due to this.


Year 13 Day 33 16:37
No warning,s just happened.

Year 13 Day 33 17:57
Autopay works fine I think. I have most of mine set to autopay, and I paid them credits - did get an event about them needing to be paid as well but I've bug based that.


Year 13 Day 33 23:56
Thank you Ellias, just seems strange that a Fighter pilot would be earning more than a Capital Ship pilot

Year 13 Day 34 10:04
strange that autopay always seemed to work in the past for us and that we now lost thousands and thousands of NPCs then.


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