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Year 13 Day 36 21:18
Dan Hakim

Just wondering, if I was to ascend/descend through a shield and the permission to do so was revoked during my travel, would I still go through?


Year 13 Day 36 22:48
If you were ascending and you were still half way from the ground to Atmosphere/shield, then it should trap you (same as if you were descending and halfway between Orbit and Atmosphere/shield)

If you were ascending and already started to Orbit you should be fine

Year 13 Day 37 7:18
Alexander von Ismay

If you were ascending and already started to Orbit you should be fine 

Your wording is wrong. If you are ascending to orbit. You are already past the shield.

There are three parts to a planet. [ie; those nifty icons on some ships and vehicles that show repulsors and landing gear mean they can enter planetary levels]

Orbit - Space above. Not shieldable, but usually (always?) has a gravity well.
Atmosphere - Area just inside the planet. Can not be shielded. Repulsors needed to enter here.
Ground - City level. This is the area under a shield [if one is on]. Landing gear needed to go here.

It's tricky. I've tested it, and not really came to a conclusion. Basically, trying to trap someone, access would have to be removed near if not before ascension to atmosphere is started.

One would think, if it was removed during the one hour ascension, it would trap you. But I do not have concrete proof on that.

EDIT: changed "is" to "are" :3

Edited By: Alexander von Ismay on Year 13 Day 37 7:21

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Year 13 Day 37 7:33
That was what ah meant, but there are 2 times you ascend (and descend): firstly from ground to Atmosphere, and then Atmosphere to Orbit (wasn't sure if you were ascending to Atmosphere and weren't cleared for the shield if you would be stuck at Atmosphere and blocked from going further to Orbit, that's why ah said it that way)

Oh, and ah've just found out that 'Surface: (0,0)' is actually Atmosphere (at least it was on the asteroid ah'm just about to leave)

Year 13 Day 38 20:51
It checks before travel starts, so you would be fine.