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Archives » Has this ever been considered before?
Xanxus Drol

Ive been around long enough to know that in general suggestions are not usualy worth hearing or are like impossible to implement, though i have wondered about this for a long time..

Has there ever been any consideration that certain high profile facilities such as shield generators, military facilites, faction hq's government houses and the like might be more realistic if they carried the faction controllers AE in edition to the specific planet controlers etc?

It strikes me that their are situations that would make sense to have AE in them, and that it would be more realistic, in the real world a faction hq or power gen or shield gen would most likely have on site armed guards!

I figure it would be difficult to code this in to certain facilities or something without the game exploding, but wondered if it had been considered previously and if it is a planed feature someday or anything?

Thanks for your time

AE? Arreste and Execute?

combat will solve that and also change the whole A&E system anyways. If you want guards in those locations you place them there, which then later can be used to fight any intruder/s.


PvP Combat is still years away, unless you know something the Admin aren't telling