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Archives » why is my old person still around?
Bob Bigmen

Ok, for more then a year I've been try to get my person Evan Stoos deleted but no one will. Ive informed swc but he's still around. I made a new person but still nothing has been done to get rid of the old person. I'm not a cheat I just can't log in to the old one. Can someone help me please????????

Ka`rla Leakey

When you previously asked for the character to be deleted you were told how to remove the character.

If the character was level 1 then it would have been deleted by now so obviously that is not the case here.

The second case was that you had to get your character killed. This could have been done by either flying your character into a sun or sending a request to your faction leader, or planet government and asking them to do it. Most of them are pretty obliging at murdering folks.

In your situation now I would send a message to an admin directly explaining your plight as creating a second character can only usually result in a ban and your current character being deleted. You would then need to go back and get yourself killed as suggested before.

How do you know your character is still around? If its my using the autofill method, then you should know that dead characters are kept in that to prevent people using it to discover if someone is dead.