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Archives » How to request that shields be lowered in order to descend?
I am fairly new to SWC and am making my first piloting trip. I have descended to the atomosphere of the planet i want to visit (Dagobah), but a shield generator is preventing me from descending to the ground. How do i request permission to do this, or who do i request permission from? I cant seem to find it in the guide or in forum searches, although it must be somewhere i am missing. Thank you in advance.

Deapi Bupor

Shields are owned by factions/players. Generally its best to contact the faction that controls the planet about getting access. Some factions will have a specific person to contact about that listed on their website, others will allow the leader to handle it all, so best to check before DMing people (ie the New Republic have specific people for their planets, so look for them).


Stephanie Barefoot

And can i ask Ellias? What is the procedure if the shields are not lowered or if the Faction in question cant be bothered to reply to a request? Especially on spawn planets?

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

On homeworlds you can take an NPC shuttle to another planet from the local starport. On non-homeworlds that do not have accessible starports you'll just have to bargain your way out of there somehow.

Stephanie Barefoot

Thanks Teyacapan.Maybe NPC transport is the way to go.
Its a shame for the poor newbs thats all...having a long wait for a pick up and being delayed further by the shields not being lowered.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl

I suppose, though a well-prepared faction should know these things.

One reason it is "Strongly recommended that you pick a faction before selecting a spawn location" (in red letters no-less)

If you encounter a planet that is shielded I would go to the factions page to find their IRC channel (listed ) and I would DM the person named as Governor and/or Magistrate. Sometimes they have control of shields, sometimes they dont, but it is almost always worth asking.