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Aesir Spacehope

Can I ask whether are these things fully implemented or partially implemented. If It's partially, can I know how?

Stealth skill
Theft Skill
Brawler NPC
Weapons (because I heard that we can now hunt, I need to know which are available for use)

These are the things I wanted to know. Whoever can help me please do answer me :D Thanks a lot everyone ^^


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Shuji Shizuka

Stealth is implemented as far as i'm aware, it works the same way as ECM on ships and the like, the rules are...somewhere:/

Theft is currently used in the construction of doors, a higher skill reduces the chance of failure.

Brawler NPC's are, last I checked, still broken.

All handheld weapons are working as far as I can tell, i've been trying them myself (a lot)

Hope this helps.


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Stealth should work, however I seem to remember a bug a while back that implied that it wasn't working. Not sure if its been fixed.

Theft is used in door construction, but it is also used for breaking locks as well.

Brawler NPCs will likely just become another military NPC that you can fight yourself, once the combat code is upgraded to PvP combat.

Any weapon you can pick up should work just fine for attacking creatures. Weapons mounted on ships and whatnot are not, as thats a future stage of comabt.


Stealth does not work in rooms. I'm not sure if this is the "bug" Ellias is thinking of.


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Nah, it was more people were reporting that even in cities, they could see PCs adn whatnot even though they knew that their stealth skill was higher than their perception. This was months ago though.


Aesir Spacehope

Ahh....... thanks :)

So where can I get the latest update of the implementation other than Sim News?

I know the Rules section can view some of the implementations but some are old or not updated to the latest like the projectile weapons (should be partially implemented not unimplemented.)

Well.. again thank you all for the replies :) Hope this doesn't bother you admins much >_>


"Adventure, it's the thing that drives me to hold on to SWC."
"Venture to the vast universe, and be amazed by it's beauty"
The rules page is usually up to date on such things. The current adaptation of combat doesn't even use those skills currently so it is technically right.