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Year 13 Day 49 7:18
Ohkay, so where do I go and what do I do if I want to hire geonosian NPC's?

Year 13 Day 49 7:32
Maybe go to Geonosia (or whatever their homeworld is called)? If it is shielded (but aren't homeworlds supposed to be NPC-owned/non-shielded?) then you will have to check the planetary stats and see who owns it and contact that faction (if it is owned by a faction)

Year 13 Day 49 8:10
You have a higher chance to hire Geonosian NPCs on Geonosis (90% I think it is, rather than being split evenly with all the other races on non-homeworlds), but you can hire them anywhere. You cannot hire them specifically, which races you get is randomly determined.

As for Geonosis, I believe it is shielded, but contacting the faction that controls it (New Republic of Falleen Federation I think) would be the way to go past.

Tiali, not all homeworlds were set to NPC controlled, just those that were given up, some 20 races. The rest are still controlled by players.


Year 13 Day 49 22:08
Thank you Ellias

Year 13 Day 63 14:31
You can also for RP reasons buy one with CP.


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