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Archives » New to combime..... need some help ASAP!

So I'm new to combine. Been here about five days now, and I did all the first off achievments. After joining a faction I waited a few days for their help, and after asking never received any. Another faction said they would help me if I joined them, so I did. Now it won't let me access the spaceport because I'm not a member of the faction.

I've tried NPC's but they say to meet them in the nearest tavern, then when I do they are no where to be found. I've spent 21 hours crossing terrain trying to find something and I haven't found any NPC's or even actual Characters.

What do I do? Its getting old not being able to do anything!
Please help!


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1. Keep calm
2. Don't move
3. Click CP's
4. Keep calm...


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I once believed in causes too, had my pointless point of view.
And what ever you do, do not look too closely at that realistic-looking fountain of a peeing Gamorrean (hint: it's not a fountain)

Talk to your new faction. when i get new members, i tend to start training them from "GO". either way they should be advising you on how the game is ran and the kind of things you can expect out of it.

If you need anything specific answered feel free to send me a message i'll be happy to help (no faction hop required)



How long do I have to wait to see if my handle is approved?

Between a couple hours and 36 hours

That was a good joke Tilai. But if you didn't know where they are the CPs are under your avatar.

Thanks for bumping a month old thread to say that.

Some people don't know where the CPs are, and posting useful and informative information is always good, even if a, /shock-horror, month old thread gets bumped in the process

What is it with you and not being able to see things that are clearly marked?

It's says "CP" right beside the number, for goodness' sake.

Ah found it years ago, same with the Player Location Map, but others might not be as clever as you are, and ah still remember what it's like to not know everything

I've never had that problem. >_>