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Archives » Some inactives that need kicking.
Davsk Carvalm

I’ve got some inactives that I’d like to have kicked off the ships they are in.
Their handles are
- Manu Maye
- Settah Nod-Tveid
- Sidhu Raak
- Ichigo Smith

They inside the following fighters:


The four fighters are docked inside a capital ship, the players can stay inside that ship.
The cap’s ID is 13011.

Thanks in advance.

If ships are docked you can kick them yourself, you just have to add them to the crewlist and then kick button in docking bay will show up.


Governor Yoshi Hikaru
Governor of Pypin System
Davsk Carvalm

Tried that, it's not working. The button doesn't show up.

Gurthok Okarlis

NPC the fighters into a squad and take them to the ground of a planet using another fighter you're in, then try.

Davsk Carvalm

I'd rather have them in the capital ship.

If you leave the ships in space, go to the entrance room of your ship, then to Position > Enter, there should be a kick button there.


Kids these days!
Can't seem to reproduce the encoding error.


Kids these days!
Davsk Carvalm

Nope, I can't seem to spot the button.

hmm, did you kick the ships out so they're not in your docking bay?


Kids these days!
Davsk Carvalm

yep and then headed to the entrance room and pressed 'Enter', but no kick button was there.

Auron Shadowbane

what about bringing the ships to your nearest government. there you should be able to kick them out (on planetary surface). if you want them in your ship someone can oof Arrest them, go in your ship and release them there.

if they are members of your faction, you can do it yourself.


Aye, you could try that if you've got room to get in.


Kids these days!
Wouldn't you need to have the ships docked in the capship to have the passengers kicked? If they're undocked, you should be able to tractor them back in (if your capship has a tractor beam).


nah, the kick button is on the enter frame for ships inside or outside so you don't have to find a ship to tractor them inside.


Kids these days!