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Archives » Weight Value for EVS Construction Droid
The stats for this vehicle are as follows:

Weight: 8,200 T
Volume: 3,000 m³

The volume seems ok, but the weight is ludicrous. This droid is far, far heavier than any other vehicle in the game. It weights more than a good amount of starships for pete's sake! I understand from Wookieepedia that the droids are massive and dwarf AT-ATs by some 170 or so meters in height, but I didn't see any mention of how much they weighed.

If an AT-AT weighs in at some 290 Tons by our rules, I can't see how the EVS droid can be about 28 times heaviers than that. They'd just sink in the ground :P

Any chance someone could look into this and possibly reducing the weight to something more reasonable?



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal

I supposed even 820T would be suitable (though still vastly heavier than an AT-AT) if anything.



Look at it's weight capacity anything lower and you'd simply fill a Lucrehulk with EVS droids and build a tp with them.


Are you saying the 8200 T weight incorporates the 8000 T weight capacity?

Not to mention people already fill MTC with loaded bulks and such, I doubt they're going to suddenly decide to use EVS Construction Droids for that purpose. The more I look into the history of the EVS Construction droid the more I see the justification for it's massive weight, expecially compared to massive construction equipment IRL. However, it's weight isn't really in line with everything else in the combine. Maybe if entity stats were reworked or something, but right now it just doesn't make sense to be so high.



Y15 D337 - The day a God was proven mortal


Every entity added in recent years have taken the exploit of the bulk freighter/etc into account.

I'd personally rather we also fix the Bulk Freighter, but to make it to the point where it would no longer be financially better to do it that way, we'd have to raise the weight/volume to the point where bulk freighters became very expensive to construct.

As it stands however, that's the reason for the weight capacity, not the fact it's a robot the size of a star destroyer.


Not sure how it could be coded, but maybe instead of weight maybe calculate 'size'/how much room they actually take up

And, again not sure how it would be coded (and coders have probably already thought of it), to stop the exploits weight should be cumulative

It's supposed to be the size of like a Sky100, because it basically walks around a city and poops out 100% fabricated buildings, meaning it has furnaces and recycling facilities and all that jazz inside it. So that explains some of the massive weight, to me.


The only comparable things IRL to such machines are maritime vessels, can average about three times the weight of the EVS droid's current value if you take something of comparable length.

Because essentially it IS a bit of a walking ship, pooping out cities.