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That has to be a 2nd-stage Beastie-bashing addition as initial stage they just stood there or took off

Of course, I haven't hunted anything for awhile...
But I really am scared to try now!


How many blasters would a blaster blast if a blaster could blast blasters?
Troucei Laruse

Perhaps it is different since the dev meeting, but as of a few days ago, I hunted some creatures and they did not attempt to attack me at all. Every time I hit them they just ran away.


Well, it looks like the inclusion of 'bandits,' in the next few days, will get rid of that problem. From what I can tell, they will be NPC's who spawn much like creatures, and will attack you if you attack them. Though they will eventually start attacking you even when you don't attack them, apparently. However ,that stage will be farther along, and something to get us acclimated to the release of PvP coming in September.

And I'm pretty sure creatures will either be updated similarly in that update, or else they will be given those traits (attack, run away) in a later update. But creature code has apparently been worked on, as they are currently not spawning after that small creature reset.


How many blasters would a blaster blast if a blaster could blast blasters?
Luther Nightwish

Does anybody know if bandits will be released in Space combat as well (when it finally comes around)?


Associate Minister of Trade and Industry, New Republic (Ret.)

That would be an interesting proposition...


How many blasters would a blaster blast if a blaster could blast blasters?

Right now, Bandits will only exist for ground combat, since that is something we foresee being released in the near future.


Eshaar Gnor

Can I seek clarification of a few points concerning the latest post & the release of bandits & creatures attacking back.

1. There was a mention of creatures armour applying. Are we to assume that our armour & that of our NPCs will also apply?

2. If we have droids in our squads will they take damage too?

3. If the droids do take damage is there or will there soon be a method of repairing them? After all the NPC soldiers & the chracters will heal.

4. With the exclusion now of creatures & bandits from any square with a city there is obviously a lot of planets that will see no combat as a result of this release. Also there are a lot of planets with hostile environments, will these require all participants wear the respective suits or suffer damage from the environment also? If the NPCs with you & your character sufferes environmental damage will the bandits with out he appropriate protective gear also suffer the same?

3. Repair for droids was added along with a bunch of other things during the dev meeting.


Eshaar Gnor

Thanks Ellias answers 2 & 3 perfectly. Anyone know the answers to 1 & 4?

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