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Archives » Hyping within a system(video tutorial)
So is there someone who know's if there is a video tutorial about microjumping?

If so can you send me a link or post it in here? Thank you :)


Derrik Thynite

It's fairly simple, you set the direction, leave it for a small time and abort. Highly dangerous, I do not suggest doing it without practicing in deep space first.


Well there is a safer way i believe? its that version that i need :)


Ordinii Gotha

It is my perception that there are two versions of microjumping;

1. In-system micrjumping is when you attempt to reach another loaction, within the same system, by taking a short trip to hyperspace, like Derrik said.

2. Out of system microjumping is if you, as an example, exit hyperspace into galactic position (10, 10), system position (19, 19), aka lower right corner. If your ship has a very low sublight, and the in-system destination is (8, 8), you will use many hours to reach it from (19, 19). In this case you can hyper over to glactic position (9, 11), and then hyper back to (10, 10) once more, this time appearing at in-system coordinates (0, 0), which is a bit closer to (8, 8) than (19, 19) is.

Option 2 is somewhat HS level dependent, in that a ship with HS 3 and sublight 20 will save more time than a ship with HS 2 and sublight 20. Ships with low HS and high sublight don't have much to gain with this technique.

There is no way to pick a destination within a system and quickly hyper there, if that's what you're wanting.

No its to hyper from one side of the system to the other, i have to train newbs and the boss want me to learn them the trick.

But since not all newbs are the same its easier to explain with a vid. tutorial.

But it seems that there isnt one


Not really much to learn: pick the square on the side you are wanting to get close to (ie, the {empty} system next door) and start hypering; wait a few seconds/minutes and abort; pray you didn't end up in a sun/planet/solid celestial object and maybe try again

Usually safest to practice in an empty square (greatly reduced risk of going *splatch* when you abort)

I believe you mean this type of micro?
When you add or subtract to a custom co-ordinate to arrive in a desired location of the system?


Is it still safe?

Yes thats the one, not like Tiali said(to much risk)

but where you jump from one side to the other side

Thank you Metyl Onyx :) its not a vid but still better then nothing


We're working on doing a bunch of updated guides and potential video-tutorials for all sorts of in-game aspects. I'll see about the possibility of doing one for micro-jumps. It will probably be done and released (if done at all) after you would likely need it, but for future players it's certainly a possibility!


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Didn't know you could micro-jump, would have been much better than jumping to the square next door (using the system Metyl showed) and aborting and hoping to at least be heading in the right direction (ie start in the bottom left corner, hyper to {+1X, +1Y} hoping to get closer to centre {and shaving several hours off of sublight} only to find mahself in {-1X} or even {-1X, +1Y})

Thank you Arete, if it comes i still can use it to train new players.

And if they want to try Tiali's version, they may hope i don't hear about it...they can do that when they are older

Anyways thanks for the help ppl, its much apreciated


Ah did warn that it is not something to risk in an 'occupied' system, and certainly not recomended in someone elses ship

I know and thank you for that ;) i will give my recruits the same warning if they ever plan to do it that way


Nathan Miller

Tiali, you probably realise this but I'm quite sure the abort function doesn't care what direction you're hypering in when it randomly selects where you'll come out at in the system.

That image should be clear enough for anyone, I don't see how a video could make it any clearer when they'd already have learnt how to actually enter hyper by then. Though whilst still technically correct the -Y should be -1Y to match how the other locations where written but that's just being picky it doesn't actually matter.

Edited By: Nathan Miller on Year 13 Day 68 4:54
Thank you Nathan Miller, ah didn't know that, just made sense that you would at least be a little closer to your intended destination

To my knowledge it is not random but in fact calculated.
I am guilty of doing a few of those little in-system hyper/aborts (personal ships) before, and you can control the direction. Just not the location on that trajectory.

Edited By: Metyl Onyx on Year 13 Day 69 3:27