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Year 13 Day 66 5:18
Za Schmo

So, I was just curious. It seems as if it would be best to begin the game on my faction's home base. Does this really make a huge difference?

Year 13 Day 66 5:37
Ordinii Gotha

It depends. If your race's homeworld is far away from a faction's base of operations they might need to send a person to get you. If you spawn in the HQ they would probably have ships close by that you can use to do work, or fly to where they need you. Usually it's only a time-saver.

Year 13 Day 66 17:31
Well, you missed an aspect someone would think you would mention after the homeworld being far and spawning on the HQ. You need to mention that if your homeworld is near the HQ, spawning there could be better than spawning on the HQ world. Think, if you don't add to the crowd on the planet, but you are on the planet closest to, you can be part of the crowd without being there.


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Year 13 Day 67 12:17
Spawning at your faction's HQ is always preferable, as the faction will know that they have access, and can more rapidly set you up with something for you to do.

Year 13 Day 80 16:24
Rio Storm

I hope it's ok to ask in this thread. Does anyone know of a NPC NON SHIELDED Travel city near the center core where a newly spawned player for a non-faction group can go get picked up where there is no shield?


Storm is Coming... Run!
Year 13 Day 80 19:03
Denhui-Eight, the baragawin homeworld, is NPC owned so has no shields - its not in the Core, but slightly further out (just NW of TF space). Otherwise your best bet is just to ask the GE maybe as they control a lot of the homeworlds in the core.


Year 13 Day 80 19:20
Rio Storm

I tried, I DM'd an official from their website that i think would handle this but I'm not getting any response maybe Time Zones, or busy or inactive...etc..or maybe i have the wrong guy/gal. I don't want to lose new recruits because of OOC delays..They lose patience quickly when they are excited to Just having a second place to use is awesome when Polis Massa is too far away. Thank you very much Elias, it's really appreciated!

Year 13 Day 82 2:21
Ku`Bakai Roche

Alderaan is not shielded. The planet is not NPC controlled but you can use the starport there.

Whether a faction controls where their HQ is depends on a lot of factors, in some cases due to lootings etc it may be they no longer control the planet or city that the HQ is on now.

The main advantage to spawning on a homeworld is you can use the NPC starport system to travel to a system near where they can pick you up.

In essence it is probably best to ask before assuming which option is better before spawning.


Year 13 Day 82 10:46
Rio Storm

Thank you for the info it helps us alot and i appreciate the insight.